A Day of Celebration and a Special Tribute to Harry Belafonte at HARLEM WEEK

Amidst a wave of joy and reverence, August 20, 2023, has been etched into history as "Harry Belafonte Day," a momentous declaration by NYC Mayor Eric Adams. This special occasion was further marked by Senator Cordell Cleare's presentation of a Senate Resolution honoring the iconic Harry Belafonte to his beloved widow,

Pamela Belafonte. The heartwarming ceremony unfolded center stage at HARLEM WEEK, precisely where the vibrant spirit of Harlem's own Harry Belafonte continues to echo through time.

The 49th annual Harlem Week bore witness to a heart-stirring tribute as the family of the late Emmy-award winning artist and fearless civil rights advocate, Harry Belafonte, received the city's highest honor – the key to the city itself. On a sunlit Sunday, of West 135th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard, elected officials united in harmonious celebration of Harry Belafonte's extraordinary life.