New Heritage Theatre Group includes:


* New Heritage Films & Harlemwood Film Festival

* IMPACT Repertory Theatre


FURMAN THEATRE REP: Core Ensemble of Professional Artists & Young Performers

Nurtures the development of veteran and emerging Black and Latino playwrights, directors, actors, musicians, dancers, visual artists, technicians, designers and administrators. The production and presentation of our theatrical works reflect historical, social and political experiences of African and Latino descendants in America and abroad. Furman Theatre Rep brings attention to international artists who have achieved success in their respective countries, but lack national exposure in the United States.

We provide a vehicle for celebrity artists associated with the company to return and perform in their communities.

The Roger Furman Reading Series: Furman Theatre Rep works with emerging playwrights on early drafts of their scripts with the goal of presenting their work in front of a live audience. After the reading is completed, discussion with the audience focuses around the issues brought up in the play and on ways to improve it.



IMPACT Repertory Theatre: Unique program that uses performing arts and leadership training to empower underserved New York City youth.

Since its inception, IMPACT's worked with more than 1200 youth,

  • Made appearances before the United Nations, the Apollo, at the OSCARS, Harlem Week, in Japan, Schools, Penitentiaries and countless other places throughout the community and around the world!
  • Reached live audiences attended by well over 500,000 people
  • Touched millions in television appearances, the news and radio!

IMPACT promotes healthy development of young people ages 12 to 19. We provide a learning environment that encourages, nurtures and challenges students.

Program curriculum encourages students to focus on life and pre-professional skills, literacy, culture and political issues.



New Heritage Films & Harlemwood Film Festival: Promoting Social Change Through Social Action 


  • New Heritage Films in association with Columbia University, Harlem Arts Alliance and Writer's Guild of American East

New Heritage Films & Harlemwood Film Festival produces films, videos and documentaries that explore the Black experience in unique ways. Once a year, 12 aspiring filmmakers are chosen to discuss and practice the fundamentals of film directing from script to screen.

Award winning short productions include: DRIVE BY: A LOVE STORY; DA ZONE; BURNING SAND; HIP HOP IN THE PROMISE LAND.