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We the Children
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When Harlem Saved a King
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Voza Rivers / Jamal Joseph
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Written & Directed by Jamal Joseph & Mike Da Caro - New Heritage Films.

This film captures students from Pono school in Harlem, their concerns about the 2016 election results and their ensuing political journey. Filmmakers Jamal Joseph and Mike DeCaro follow the children, ages 7 to 11, as they study constitutional law, engage in activism, and get involved in New York City's Harlem community. The subjects of We the Children ultimately challenge the general perception of children's limited role in politics and encourage viewers to consider children's political voice.


When Harlem Saved a King

 "When Harlem Saved A King" documentary will take you on a historical journey that details the 1958 stabbing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in Harlem. This little known history fact will educate, bring awareness and contribute to the upside of society as an asset. Following the filmthere will be a panel discussion and Q&A session with the WHSAK production team, along with others directly related to this story.


 For Becky who left the Midwest to get away from a life that, following her father's death, had become dreary and monotonous. We meet her just as she arrives on the doorsteps of Dylan's building. Serendipitously, she moves into the spare bedroom of Dylan's apartment in which his grandfather had lived since the Harlem Renaissance. Dylan's romanticized love for the neighborhood is a testament to the relationships of his youth and his love of music. He mourns and yearns for his Harlem --simultaneously grieving for his Grandfather. Together, Becky and Dylan learn to move on from the pain of loss and embrace a new life.

Written and directed by Lynn Dow * 
Produced By
Lynn Dow, Jamal Joseph, Geneva Riley


  • Black By Popular Demand! "The Day Harlem Saved Dr. King!'

    Shades of Truth Theatre and Voza Rivers/ New Heritage Theatre

    in association with The Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Community Center present

    The Day Harlem Saved Dr. King written and directed by Michael Green

  • Empowering a New Generation

    Republished from Captrust, Tuesday, January 29, 2019

    by Sylvana Smith

    From Black Panther and convict to writer, poet, producer, college professor, Academy Award nominee, and youth advocate, Jamal Joseph’s life has taken a circuitous path to the present. His is a story of perennial social activism, advancing lessons from his Black Panther days to empower a new generation.

    Excuse Me, Young Brother, I Just Did

  • NYS Senate and Assemby Honors New Heritage Theatre Group 55th Anniversary
    In celebration of Black Theatre and New Heritage's 55th Anniversary the New York State Assembly recently honored and recognized Voza Rivers and Jamal Joseph on the floor of the Assembly. Oscar nominated IMPACT members performed . 
    Robert Rodriguez, 68th Assembly District, Inez E. District 70th Assembly District, Al Taylor 71st Assembly District, issued the following signed statement:
    albany senate assemby honors New Heritage Theatre Group"We have an organization worthy of the esteem of both the community  and the Great State of New York." 
     Later that day Assembly Member Inez Dickens stated:

    "Special thanks to Voza Rivers and Jamal Joseph on 55 years of excellence and prosperity in the Harlem community through arts & culture for Harlem's youth! I especially want to thank IMPACT children for an amazing performance here in Albany.We wish them all the best!"


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