We are so very proud of our Executive Producing Artistic Director Jamal Joseph who was captured in this video sharing his philosophy and rationale for working with IMPACT Repertory Theatre on ABC 7 with Sandy Kenyon.
Jamal and IMPACT continue to do incredible and amazing work. Their artivism is a living testament to their commitment to making a difference in Harlem and throughout all of New York City.

Monday, January 20, 27, February 10, 2020

This is a multimedia, theatrical reenactment that depicts the day, over sixty years ago, when Dr. King was nearly stabbed to death on September 20, 1958 at a book signing on 125th Street in the heart of Harlem. He was rushed to Harlem Hospital where a team of gifted doctors worked diligently to save his life.

When it was learned that the assailant was a black women, everyone pondered the same question...why?

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