Prayer of Love and Peace for the Invasion of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces still continues. We, IAPG would like to offer the "Prayer for Love and Peace" for the invasion of Ukraine with you for "5 minutes" at noon Japan time every day.

We would also like to offer the 10-minute "Prayer for Love and Peace" with you at "18:00 Japan time", which is at "noon Moscow time" every day.

Also, it is okay for you to pray at other times in your time zone.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

- Prayer Campaign Notice -

Now, as members of the Spaceship Earth, we, the Earth humans, are grateful to be alive and nurtured by this beloved Earth and are here to protect this Earth. However still stupid, we are about to make the mistake of destroying this planet again. Still, many of our peers around the world are aware of their stupidity and are beginning to speak out according to their divinity. We are about to change now.

May we all realize that we are one family, awaken, drop our weapons, throw away our guns, and choose to be considerate love, and help each other as one family.

Give us courage, hope, and the power to change. Give us great light. May this battle end as soon as possible, and the Earth start running towards the "Planet of Love" as soon as possible. May all 7 billion people work together to transform this planet into a Planet of Love.

We would also like to share with you a video from the New Heritage Theater Group which has been supporting IAPG during the New York performances.

"Drums For Peace"

Click to Watch

This is the "Stop The War by Drum Campaign Video" calling for world peace in response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.


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